Noah Hoffeld's rockers and power ballads deliver his message that now is the best time for us to breathe and tune into who we are.  In his debut album Play Human, he comes from the heart in eleven tunes that bring that message home.  Baeble Music says the LP "brings the best of classical music and modern rock to bear to gorgeous effect." And Music Existence says "Play Human is a masterfully executed work of art." The soulful maturity of this rock record belies the fact that Noah comes from a life in Classical Music. But playing Classical was never everything to Noah. Before graduating from Juilliard, he began pushing the limits by bringing rock and pop to the cello and asking questions that would push his career beyond the ordinary.

Noah's musical life is varied, alternating producing and performing his own music, playing featured cello for the likes of Renee Fleming, Philip Glass, Natalie Merchant, Krishna Das and Brad Mehldau, recording cello solos for films like The Skeleton Twins (Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader), Experimenter (Peter Saarsgard), A Walk in The Woods (Robert Redford and Nick Nolte) and HBO's Show Me a Hero, by the makers of The Wire.  And he's a composer himself, currently attached to two indie films in production.  His productions recently made him an endorsed artist of Moog Synthesizers.  And Noah is a Ricci Artist, playing the World's finest carbon fiber cellos.

In addition to rocking out on guitar and keys, Noah plays what he calls Cello Rock. He sings while playing cello, creating pulsing, rhythmic patterns on the strings with the bow, and adds vocals to ambient layers of looped cello and drum programming. Baeble Music says "Noah Hoffeld's "Cello Rock" is the new sound you never new you needed." And 'Same Old Song' - the first single off Play Human- "has an irresistible 80's feel." Noah takes us back and lures us into our own musical memories with the infectious beat of this pop-rock tune. Hoffeld performs powerful and intimate solo concerts, singing from the cello, piano and guitar, while incorporating electronics, live looping and beat production, as well as explosive full band shows.  All the performances include mesmerizing instrumental numbers plumbing the emotional bounds of his cello playing. 

Play Human follows on the heels of his single, 'One Family,' created for Martin Luther King Day.  The song was inspired by the intensity of current events and by what Noah calls "the ever-growing imperative of Dr. King's Dream."  The vocal, set to piano and strings, rallies against abuses of power and backpedaling of the civil rights train. Watch the music video

A longtime devotee of yoga and meditation, Noah believes in the power of reflection to create the change we're looking for in our lives, and he takes to heart Gandhi's 'Be the change that you wish to see in the World." The title song 'Play Human' incites us to take a bigger view of life, and to stand up for our brothers and sisters. The chorus shouts out, 'Why don't we all play human for a change? Loving each other shouldn't be out of range."  And the thrashing 'Role of Rock' insists that saving the World is the purpose Rock was born for.

As well as enjoying the benefits of yoga and the outdoors, Noah's a surfing novitiate at Brooklyn's Rockaway Beach. 

Play Human is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

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