My name is Noah Hoffeld and I'm a New York City cellist. A graduate of The Juilliard School, I've been teaching for over a decade, including over 5 years as the cello teacher at The Dalton School, one of the most prestigious K-12 schools in Manhattan. A student of mine was recently accepted at The Juilliard School Pre-College and is now headed off to conservatory.

I teach adults and kids from middle school up. Young beginners and older, more experienced cellists. I love teaching adult beginners or adults picking up the cello again after a hiatus, and so many have achieved really satisfying results while having a fun time. Skype lessons are very effective.

I'm a performer, composer and devoted teacher who teaches from a place of kindness and supportiveness. I enjoy students who really care about the cello and are willing to work to achieve goals, but who may or may not want to make it a career. I understand that not everyone has hours a day to practice! I teach a relaxed technique that helps students to quickly overcome any blocks or bad habits and develop a beautiful, rich cello sound right away.

I charge $70 an hour, the going rate for someone with my experience.

Send me an email now to book your first lesson! Let's get started making your cello dream come true!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best,


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