Paris Je T'aime


As i'm praying for the victims of the Charlie attacks, I'm also taking time to pray for the attackers.  Although I'm horrified by their actions, in this strange world of quarks, there really is no us, no them.  Every time I feel righteous indignation (often), I'm sure I experience the vibration of what they felt seeing the cartoons.  And that energy in me is part and parcel of that energy in them, just one body over to the left or to the right.  If we really want to see an end to our global epidemic of violence, we can look to heal our own rage anger indignation, anything and everything that keeps us separate from one another, and from love.


Most background photos copyright 2015 Gretchen Robinette except'Sights' page-Noah performs his 'Into Center' for cello and choir in Nene Humphrey's 'Circling the Center'. 'Shows' page photo by Noah Hoffeld.  'Play Human, Other Sounds, About, and Shop' Photos by JB Michael. All Gallery Photos by Gretchen Robinette

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