Black History Month (not long enough)

A small miracle has occurred!  This post of mine got over 100 shares in one week, from folks I didn't know, just responding to how they felt about my song and video, 'One Family.'  I am deeply humbled by this expression of love and support from listeners.  And the count continues to grow.  much love. we are truly 'one family.'

Most background photos copyright 2015 Gretchen Robinette except'Sights' page-Noah performs his 'Into Center' for cello and choir in Nene Humphrey's 'Circling the Center'. 'Shows' page photo by Noah Hoffeld.  'Play Human, Other Sounds, About, and Shop' Photos by JB Michael. All Gallery Photos by Gretchen Robinette

All Sounds © Noah Hoffeld (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved