noun boon·dog·gle \ˈbün-ˌdä-gəl, -ˌdȯ-
1) an expensive and wasteful project usually paid for with public money

2) a piece for solo piano by Noah Hoffeld

Hey Guys! Here's a piece I wrote for solo piano, brought to life here by the miraculous David Shenton. I think its good snowy day music. Mixed and mastered by the great producer Jacob Lawson. Thanks for listening and stay cozy

An Original Composition for Solo Piano performed by David Shenton Join and stay updated at Written by Noah Hoffeld (ASCAP) ©2015 All Rights Reserved

Black History Month (not long enough)

A small miracle has occurred!  This post of mine got over 100 shares in one week, from folks I didn't know, just responding to how they felt about my song and video, 'One Family.'  I am deeply humbled by this expression of love and support from listeners.  And the count continues to grow.  much love. we are truly 'one family.'

One Family New Song and Vid

Happy Black History Month, Friends!

I created this song this weekend in honor of our beloved Dr. King.  And there’s a video made from archival footage to go along with it.  

Its been a tough year for civil rights but I believe a good one as well.  All the tragedy has gone to open our eyes to the state of affairs and the need for enormous change.  And in seeing that need, the change has already begun.

Abuses of power and failures of the judicial system are really extensions of our own deepest beliefs, in my mind.  unfortunately none of us is free of prejudice and fear.  Lets use this opportunity to search for love deep within us, knowing in the words of Dr King’s ‘I have a Dream’ speech that, 

“One day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.”

Paris Je T'aime


As i'm praying for the victims of the Charlie attacks, I'm also taking time to pray for the attackers.  Although I'm horrified by their actions, in this strange world of quarks, there really is no us, no them.  Every time I feel righteous indignation (often), I'm sure I experience the vibration of what they felt seeing the cartoons.  And that energy in me is part and parcel of that energy in them, just one body over to the left or to the right.  If we really want to see an end to our global epidemic of violence, we can look to heal our own rage anger indignation, anything and everything that keeps us separate from one another, and from love.


The Skeleton Twins

So stoked that The Skeleton Twins has received an extended theatrical release here in the States and is now opening in theaters globally as well.  And recently Bill Hader was nominated for Best Actor Gotham Award for his performance.  I played cello solos on the beautiful soundtrack by Nathan Larson.  Its especially exciting because I love both of these actors and I think the film carries a very important message.  See it!

The Late Starters Orchestra

Congratulations to my student Ari Goldman on the publication of his new book The Late Starters Orchestra by Algonquin Press. The book includes anecdotes about my teaching and involvement in his life as a cellist. I also served as technical consultant for all things cello during the writing of the memoir. In LSO, the author discovers a group of supportive and funny adult beginners meeting in New York (and worldwide) to rehearse and perform orchestral music. Publisher's Weekly has called it one of the best ten music books of its season. I highly recommend the book to anyone who is interested in taking up an instrument as an adult or as a gift to anyone you know who loves music and a good tale. Available at bookstores and on Amazon. 

Ari is a contributor to the New York Times, The Washington Post and other publications, is professor of journalism at Columbia and the author of several bestsellers including The Search for God at Harvard.

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