"On his new LP, Noah Hoffeld brings the best of classical music and modern rock to bear to gorgeous effect. We have the premiere of Play Human, and it's a record that defies simple categorization though familiar sonic touchstones are there for those willing to dive into the rich textures of the record. Hoffeld utilizes modern production flourishes to create a rich sonic soundscape to lose yourself in."

-Baeble Music 

"a fine, stark cello score by Noah Hoffeld"


"Play Human is a masterfully executed work of art."

-Music Existence

Readers' Choice Band of the Month for August, 2015

-Emerging Indie Bands

"Hoffeld is a classically-trained Julliard graduate, but I find that the comparisons to that background start and stop with that statement.  [His] brand of cello rock is confident, experimental in nature and succeeds in achieving grand heights on Play Human. He seems to have fallen through time at moments, boasting a robust and dynamic range of work that is inspired and inspiring. Artists just don’t make this type of work anymore; it’s ambitious, assertive and musically very satisfying to hear. Along with the passion there is a great deal of expert playing to back it up. Hoffeld will no doubt continue to evolve and shape his own path far beyond this record."


"Beautiful and vibrant"

- Listen Here Reviews

"Noah Hoffeld is a name to keep an ear out for in 2015."

"Noah Hoffeld's 'Cello Rock' is the new sound you never knew you needed.  [Same Old Song] has an irresistible 80's feel with a beaming synth and some tasty guitar licks…. honest and true."

-Baeble Music -'A Man and his Cello'

"We think it’s safe to say that when you think of ROCK, cello is not one of the first things that comes to mind. Since rock’s inception though we’ve come to realize that rock music is more about rocking than it is about fads and stereotypes. Noah is here to rock and debunk all the false notions you have about what that means."

-Independent Artist Buzz

"An album that flows perfectly and varies in sound from track to track, upbeat and rockin’ at some points, and slower and emotional at others. [A] standout track is the upbeat lead single 'Same Old Song'... on the same pedestal as any power pop rock hit."

-Max Decibel

The second piece was A Summer’s Spell composed and performed by cellist Noah Hoffeld. This latter work involved an electronic device that instantly recorded Hoffeld’s music, played it back and by the end made it seem like we were listening to three or four cellists performing. It was a moving and somewhat haunting work.


“You’ll rarely hear the Kol Nidrei played with as much depth and soul as it is here....A gorgeous piece of playing.” 

-Seth Rogovoy, author of ‘The Essential Klezmer’ in The Berkshire Eagle

Most background photos copyright 2015 Gretchen Robinette except'Sights' page-Noah performs his 'Into Center' for cello and choir in Nene Humphrey's 'Circling the Center'. 'Shows' page photo by Noah Hoffeld.  'Play Human, Other Sounds, About, and Shop' Photos by JB Michael. All Gallery Photos by Gretchen Robinette

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