Moving Forward


This is a photo I took while walking a road through the mountains this weekend. Moving forward isn’t always easy but it’s something we must do. We feel called from the beyond to emerge from limiting spaces into a broad openness we intuit, but can’t yet say we know. What calls us is unknown, but it’s voice is heard nonetheless... it’s time to move on.

Back to School

I went back to my high school yesterday for a screening of the movie 8th grade, which had two alumns in it. The movie was great but painful to watch- it seemed like a really realistic portrait of a young girls world. Saint Ann’s, where I went to school, was thankfully different than her world. For the most part, it was a fairly inclusive and supportive environment. For example, they used to let me skip class to rehearse with my piano trio! 😁 in any case, I highly recommend the film, and Josh Hamilton, who I went to school with, plays a wonderful dad wonderfully.


Natalie Merchant and Other Good Stuff

New Natalie Merchant album with plenty of cello

photo by Michael Bloom

photo by Michael Bloom

Hello Dear People!

I hope the Summer has been treating you all really well!  I'm doing a lot of music stuff as well as resting and enjoying Nature. How bout you? I traveled to Maui last week to study with my wonderful teacher and mentor Ram Dass, who was also a cellist for many years! I played a recital for him there on my travel cello, including a lot of his favorite Bach and some originals. It was an unforgettable privilege for me.

photo by Kathleen Murphy

photo by Kathleen Murphy

And while I was in Hawaii, a 10-CD retrospective of Natalie Merchant was released by Nonesuch. It includes a new album, Butterfly, of music with string quartet, including a bunch of cello solos by me. It was amazing to work with Natalie, former front woman for 10,000 maniacs- her voice is one I consider a national treasure. Being in the room with that sound did something to me. The new album is only available with the box set. You can preview and buy the collection here.

And in other great news, Alcanza, the new album by Fabian Almazan and Rhizome was released last month to beautiful reviews, receiving 5 stars in Downbeat Magazine. We're an octet playing together for almost a decade now. Wow! Time is trippy, no?  Preview and buy the album here.

Upcoming, more recording with Krishna Das and a September retreat with him and great teachers Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman in upstate NY. Includes public concerts. Find out more about that here

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon at a live event or elsewhere. Enjoy your August! Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.....



Hello 45!

My message to 45 and all who continue to support his self-serving policies, denigrating all people and the whole earth. It's time for a change. What are we waiting for?

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